Current Site Status

National Grid and its contractor are ready to begin supplemental field work at the former Metropolitan MGP. Work will be conducted inside the Hamilton Plaza Shopping Center in the location of the former Pathmark Supermarket.

The planned field work will determine if any contamination exists underground at the site and, if so, will evaluate its distribution. Previous field work has found there is no contamination related to the former MGP operations at the ground surface. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has stated that people at the site are not expected to come in contact with contaminants associated with the former MGP.

The work is scheduled to begin March 13, 2017, and is expected to last for approximately six weeks. The work will be conducted Monday through Saturday during daytime hours. During this period, the contractor will drill 15 soil borings within vacant areas of the Hamilton Plaza Shopping Center. The work will be conducted under the supervision of the DEC and the site will not be accessible to the public. Drilling equipment will be visible and some noise, odor and vibration may be experienced. There will be air quality monitors on the site. Community air monitoring is conducted under the approval of the DEC.

The work is being completed as part of an approved Supplemental Remedial Investigation under the direction of the DEC.  This work is related to the former MGP Site and is not being conducted by the property owner or the property owner’s tenants.