Project Description

Following are the steps most often required by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in the investigation and remediation of a former MGP site. 

  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study 
  • Interim Remedial Measures 
  • Record of Decision (or Decision Document) 
  • Design and Construction

The site is at the end of the RI phase and a draft FS is being developed. National Grid has reached Access Agreements with owners of the privately owned properties prior to conducting sampling activities.

Remedial Investigation Activities Summary:

The NYSDEC determined that a Remedial Investigation of the site was required to determine the full nature and extent of contamination at this site.

The objectives of the Remedial Investigation are to complete the delineation of the horizontal and vertical extent of MGP impacts, determine the surface and subsurface characteristics of the site, identify sources of contamination, and identify migration pathways and potential human and ecological receptors at the site and in surrounding off-site areas.  The field work will include installation of soil borings, monitoring wells, and test pits; soil and groundwater sampling; aquifer testing; and collection of sub-slab soil vapor and indoor air samples.

The field work will be completed at times when it does not disrupt the on-site business activities, and is not expected to disrupt any activities on neighboring properties.  Field work will be supervised by representatives of the NYSDEC and, as necessary, the New York State Department of Health.  A Community Air Monitoring Plan will be in effect to detect any airborne contaminants that could be released during the field activities, and to require prompt protective measures if they are detected.  All samples will be sent to independent NYSDOH-accredited laboratories for analysis.

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Remedial Investigation Report: With the completion of the field work, a Remedial Investigation Report has been produced, which includes an Executive Summary, a description of the field activities, analytical results compared to NYSDEC guidance and standards, geological findings, Qualitative Human Health Exposure and Fish and Wildlife Impact Assessments.  Appendices include all of the pertinent data. A copy of the Remedial Investigation report is included in the Key Documents Section of the website.

All of this information and analyses will be used to ensure that National Grid and the NYSDEC have a full understanding of the nature and extent of the impacts to the environment at the former MGP. This information, in turn, will be used in the development of a Feasibility Study, which is an evaluation of technologies and activities to address the impacts as necessary.