Current Site Status

Following the most recent phase of site field work, the Remedial Investigation (RI) field work, which was completed in April 2012, National Grid submitted a draft Remedial Investigation report for the Metropolitan site to NYSDEC in December 2013.

During the Remedial Investigation field work, the website was updated weekly to provide the surrounding community with a regular progress report regarding the project. We will resume regular site updates when new field work commences; in the meantime, the website will be updated when new information is available.

All reports related to the project will be posted in the Key Documents section of the website as they are completed.

Remedial Investigation Field Work

Remedial Investigation field work began in late March 2010 at the former Metropolitan Works MGP as part of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) approved Remedial Investigation Work Plan. The completed work included the installation of soil borings, monitoring wells, test pit excavations, and indoor air and sub-slab soil vapor points to gather information necessary to determine the nature and extent of impacts at the former Metropolitan Works MGP. The Remedial Investigation field work was completed in 2012.